Thursday, March 20

Holy Week Songs

As promised, this is the post featuring songs with Easter and Good Friday related-themes. Before you begin going through the songs, we recommend reading our earlier Holy Week post.

The order of the songs below is purely in the order in which they've been posted, not in any order signifying favorites.

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Our hope is that the previous songs can help you in this time of reflecting on Good Friday and Easter and what they really mean. We suggest listening to each song and really meditating on what it means. Have an ear open for God to speak to you while you partake in listening and meditating on these songs and Himself. Find some Scriptures that relate to Good Friday/Easter, or maybe to something that you're going through, and really meditate on what God wants to communicate to you. May He bless you in this time!

Also, don't forget to check back on Sunday to get your special Easter gift :)


  1. All great songs there.

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