Thursday, January 24

6 songs from Centricity Records

That's right - seven FREE downloads! And I found them all because one of the artists from this record label, High Valley, requested to be our friend! Yay! So, to begin with - CHRISTmas! There's two Christmas songs: "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" and "The First Noel" (same song as last blog post).

Okay, then there's four more songs. For this first one the link they provide is broken, so I provided a direct link to the acutal .mp3.

"The Real Jesus" by Downhere
(Right click and choose "Save target as...")

To wrap it up are the following three songs:

"The More" by Downhere
"Gravity" by Circleslide
"Hear My Worship" by Jaime Jamgochian
Go here to get them
After going to this page, click "downlaods" and scroll half-way down the page. I'm sorry I can't give more direct links, but MySpace is messing up the links.

I hope you enjoy these songs! Special thanks to the band High Valley for the friend request!

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  1. All great songs there from Downhere, Cirleslide, and Jaime Jamgochian.